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What have your experiences been like and is there anyway to know if the people on there are actually active on it vs. just forgetting to delete their profile? I will gladly pay for a month to be able to see if they are active or not!

At this point in my life (late 30s so definitely more difficult) I will only date Jews. I know you can select your religion on Bumble and Hinge, but if you are on the freebie account it doesn’t appear to only show you the faith you selected (possible I am doing something wrong though). No one uses Jdate anymore it seems.

I go to plenty Jewish events including some meant for singles. Either people don’t mingle (and when I’ve tried it lasts like 5 minutes) because they are there with their friends or to meet up with people that they know, or they seem interested but are just being friendly.

I rejoined Jswipe after an event I went to last week. I met someone who I am interested in but we didn’t exchange information or anything (he may have just been nice though…I cannot tell anymore if someone is interested or just being nice since people are rarely even nice to me). I go on Jswipe figuring he would be on there and came across his profile and hit like. I’m just trying to figure out if he just isn’t active on there and never saw my profile or if he saw it and didn’t hit like.

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