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Joke (but Truth) of the Day

Humankind had finally reached the point where they could create a human, scientifically. So they grew the best specimen that they could in their lab, and said, “Just look what we have become! We are just like Hashem. Let us go and show Him how great we are”.

So humankind brought their man before Hashem and said unto Him, “Hashem, look what we have done! We have created a man in our own image. We are now just like You.” “Great job!”, said Hashem. “Granted, you have indeed created a man, I’ll give you that. But, I made my man out of dirt. Can you do that?” Humankind scratched their heads, and said, “Give us one year and we shall do so”. “Very well”, said Hashem.

After one year, humankind had indeed learned to create a man out of dirt. So they took their man before Hashem, and they said unto Him, “Hashem, indeed we have created a man out of dirt. NOW, we are just like You”.

“Wonderful!”, said Hashem. “Show me right here and now how you did so.”

So humankind reached down and grabbed a handful of dirt, and Hashem said:

“HEY…get your OWN dirt!!”

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