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Joining the Jewish club at my college as someone who’s converting: will they accept me there?

Hi everyone, I recently started my freshman year of college. I am 18 years old and have been learning everything I can about Judaism for the past 3 years hoping to convert through a reform temple. I just signed up for the classes needed to convert at the nearest temple and they start next month. I have no Jewish heritage and while I have been doing the best I can for 3 years until I turned 18 I am not officially Jewish. I saw a booth for the Jewish club at my college (through Chabad) and signed up. Tonight, Shabbat dinner will be the first meeting of the year. I know the blessings, the process, and everything to do. But when I tell the Rabbi I’m not Jewish, will he judge me? Is that the kind of space where a gentile will be welcomed? The club welcomes all Jews reform, conservative, and orthodox, but I’m not sure about myself. I’m pretty nervous. Does anyone have advice or thoughts?

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