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Job and Elihu

As many disgraces were inflicted upon Job, three friends come to his place and explain his suffer as a consequence of his actions (that were, in fact, rightful), saying that the suffer of men is not worth of God’s attention. Later, Elihu starts his dialogue, insisting that the 3 masters were not speaking the truth about sacred Wisdom. He holds the point that accusing God of being inconsiderate is paradoxal, because God is fair in nature. Elihu clearly states that Job had been judged as an evil person (implying that Job wasn’t innocent?). Finally, Job was invited by the young man to appreciate the details of creation, proof of God’s perfect judgement and supreme order, while learning from the moral corrections inflicted by the Almighty.

The Lord Himself appears, corrects Job, “His servant” (attending to the requests; conceding prosperity), and roasts the 3 men; speaking nothing of Elihu who seems to have disappeared.

That leaves me the question, was Elihu the closest to reaching God’s Wisdom in the book?

sry if this is the wrong sub for a religious discussion; haven’t found many in the feed.

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