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Jews who don’t believe in God, how do you establish the Jewish connection to the Israel?

For someone who is Middle Eastern, I grew up being told that Israel is an occupation and while “Allah” gave them the land in the past, eventually they were so disobedient that now he took it away from them and gave to to the Muslims. So you can see there is a lot of ‘God’ thrown around when talking about the Jewish presence in the region.

I’ve always been fascinated by Jews, especially Israelis, who don’t believe in God, because it seemed to me that the basis for Israel is the idea that the land was given to the Jewish people by God. The whole squad made of Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, and Solomon, all are based on their connection to God. If there is no God, no Abraham, no Jacob, nor Moses; if all the stories of the Tanach are bunch of fabrications made up by some small tribe to make them feel “special”, then on what basis do we establish the Jewish connection to the land? And even if we say that yes the whole book is a fabrication, but it is proven fact that people of Judea were there with or without God, and they indeed were there, it is also a fact that there were other tribes and peoples in the land, and so where is their claim to the same land?

Please don’t take what I said as some antisemitic crap, because I’m genuinely asking a question that has always been bothering me and I hope someone can explain it to me.

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