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Jews of r/judaism, do you find it offensive to be called a Jew?

On other subreddits I am finding well-meaning gentiles chastising other gentiles for calling someone “a jew” or referring to more that one jew as “jews”. They feel that saying “a jew” is objectifying and instead people should say “a jewish person.”

I’m not talking pejorative usage or usage meant to insult. I’m talking about the following:

“Anne Frank, a Jew from Amsterdam…” “I had no idea that Adam’s a jew until he invited me to Shabbat!” “Don’t schedule a game Saturday, we have 2 Jews in the group and they won’t be able to make it that day”

Do you find this usage offensive? Does it matter if the speaker is Jewish or not?

I swear the only place I see people offended by this usage is gentiles on reddit. I have never heard a Jew IRL complain about this usage (like the usage in this very sentence!).

Note: I am a Jew and I was born Jewish. I identify with left-leaning politics and generally agree with modifying one’s language to avoid offending others.

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