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Jews in the Union Army during the Civil War

Recently, I watched Gone With the Wind, which was a spectacular piece of cimena, and reflected the sensibilities & lore of much of the country in its time. That said, I started thinking about a. what good Civil War films as told from the Union POV there are, but also, why I’m posting here, about Jewish servicemen during the Civil War.

GWTW had ‘Dixie’ & some other Southern songs. But the most popular & well known Union song is Battle Hymn of the Republic. However, the lyrics of that song are incredibly Christian. The song references Jesus himself, aside from many allusions to the Christian bible and faith. How did Jewish soldiers who were on the Union side react when it was played given those lyrics? I mean me, personally, bc I woulda been cognizant that in a war like that, the majority of people around me would find religious meaning, and were I a Union soldier, I’d still be stirred by the fantastic music, as well as tenor, aside from the religious lyrics holding meaning to the majority around me. The song is frigging stirring.

Also, people here, do you sing along with it at concerts, festivals, etc. if its played? I find myself singing the non-Jesus lyrics when its played at such an event, like a 4th of July pops concert, etc

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