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Jews in the Far East in the 1930s and the 1940s?

It is not well-known that , with the increase of anti-semitism in Europe, many Jews found refuge not only in the USa or Southern America but also in the Far East. Especially Shangai housed a huge number of Jewish Refugees (around 20 000) during the 1930s , in spite of being under the influence of Imperial Japan ( Hitler’s Ally) . However, the Japanese Army is not known to have carried out a systematic destruction of the Jewish communities it came in contact with. Only after 1943 (and so for a rather brief period, overall) the Jews of Shangai were forced in a Ghetto . Chinese inhabitants were usually friendly and outside Shangai no other Ghetto was built. It is paradoxical to see a sort of ‘open border’ policy allowed under the influx of an Axis Power and its satellites, anyway. I think that with the rise of Communism many of those Jews left China or the Far-East altogether. They say that Russian emigres from the White Army in Northern China had far harder times under Japan because they were associated with an Enemy Power…

Could you indicate some books on this period? Has someone here had relatives who lived in Shangai or the Far East at that time?

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