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Jews at the Wrong Side of the US Civil War?

I was recently amazed to discover that many Jews joined the Confederate Army during the Civil War. There is also a 2001 book dedicated to these events: Jewish Confederates by Robert N. Rosen . Although nowadays many symbols belonging to the Confederates have been appropriated by white supremacists who are usually anti-Semitic , originally Confederates were not against the Jews. Robert Lee was not Himmler, Jefferson Davis did never attack the Jews, AFAIK! It is true that the majority of Confederate leaders were also fervent Christians , like in case of Stonewall Jackon, but that was rather common in North America during that period of religious revivals. By the way, even some Native American Tribes joined the Confederate Army, also due to the fact that slavery was already present within their social system. Also some italians and Irishmen were present amiong the highest ranks of Lee’s Army , even if they were not WASPs. After all, one could be racist or even inclined to white supremacy without being anti-Semitic. Even in South Africa during the apartheid, Jews were not mistreated or discriminated against, AFAIK.

Your opinion? Other books? Experiences from your ancestors?

P.S. This post is not written to glorify the Confederate Army or to insult the Jews who joined its ranks. Just to better understand a past conflict which remains still controversial.

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