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Jews at large don’t have a problem with black people thinking they are descendants of the ancient Hebrews, we take issue with something else…

If a black gentile, or hell any color of gentile, thinks that they are the descendants of the ancient Hebrew people or are somehow connected to the lost tribes… okay. We really don’t give much of a damn. That’s not our problem.

What we take issue with is normally what follows that declaration of heritage. It is rarely just “We are the descendants of the Hebrew people.” Instead it’s: “We are the descendants of the Hebrew people, and the Jews are false, evil pretenders.” In affirming an identity connected to the ancient Hebrews, we are always pointed at as evil or fake. It is not the identity they give themselves that bothers us, but the fact that they feel the need to belittle or deny our identity.

Idk, that’s my two cents on this, and I feel it’s one people share.

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