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Jewishgen – hope this isn’t a silly Q

Thanks for reading first and foremost. I hope this isn’t a redundant question. I’m trying to trace my heritage and my family roots.

We know we have Jewish ancestors but unable to truly find much. I’m talking…my great grandmother (died in 87) history.

There’s a link via but unsure how to view the record, even asking support has not deemed much help.

Basically there is a record of my great great great grandmother and her whole family (it seems) listed.

Could anyone point me in the right direction if possible? We are UK based, and 23andMe (+another DNA database) does not list us as ethnically Jewish. Which doesn’t help.

I don’t want to get ‘into it’ as such, but we do know the war ripped it apart.

If anyone has a search engine or suggestions on how to trace a history/linkages I’ll be so thankful!

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