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Jewish Wisdom

TLDR; Looking for suggestions for Jewish texts (religious or otherwise) regarding Jewish wisdom and/or a “Jewish outlook or approach” to help me get through a breakup.

Background: I was born and raised Jewish, but was more culturally Jewish. I began dating someone last year who helped me reconnect with Judaism. The relationship became fairly serious, and it felt so comforting to begin our own traditions (Shabbat, hosting passover, etc). My partner had converted after their father (who was born Jewish, but was not observant) passed away, and developed their own relationship with Judaism. It was so refreshing to have that rub off on me. We have now split up, much to my dismay. While I’ve never turned to religion to “help” me through challenging or emotional situations in the past, at this point in my life, it feels like the only place to turn. Any recommendations for books or readings that are either religious or are written from the Jewish perspective would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance 🙂

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