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Jewish Wedding On a Saturday- Making It Work

My fiancé and I are reform Jews- we consider ourselves “Jew-ish” and mainly value the cultural aspects and traditions but we don’t keep kosher etc. My mom has very recently become Orthodox Jewish and is very adamant about us not being able to have a proper Jewish wedding if it’s on a Saturday since it’s Shabbat. It’s important to me to have a Jewish wedding but we very much would like to have the ceremony on the same day as our wedding and we want to have our wedding on a Saturday. Is there a way we can do all the rest of the traditions during the ceremony and then sign the ketubah when the sun goes down so it’s still kosher? Also wondering about the tradition of the wedding band. I know it’s supposed to be unadorned but that type of ring does not work with my engagement ring. It looks funky. My mom says I can just get married with the unadorned ring and wear whatever wedding band I want after but I really want my wedding band to be the one we give each other during the ceremony. This has been so stressful for me. Is there a way I can make this work so we don’t have to throw a separate ceremony on a different day? Is it bad juju if I get a wedding band with diamonds on it just because I think it looks better?

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