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Jewish Upbringing

I was raised in a fairly Reform Liberal synagogue, my mother is Jewish and my father is Vietnamese. Growing up I’m lucky in the sense where I was given a decent Jewish education and a Bar Mitzvah, I also went to a Chabad day camp and in Highschool was involved with Cteen. I’m also lucky where my dad was supportive of my mom raising her kids Jewish and not eating pork or shellfish around my siblings and I (now that we are older though he has but I’m of the opinion of he earned it) I am now about to go off to college and often wish I was raised more religious and want to become more religious.

To those of you who have changed their religiousness how did it impact your family dynamic, am I wrong for regretting my upbringing when Hashem put me in this exact scenario, and also should I try and help my siblings down this path (like encouraging my brother to wrap tefellin) or should I let them find their own path. I’m just worried that if I go down a certain path I’ll be alienating myself from my family and thats the last thing I want.

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