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Jewish UC graduate students and postdocs in UAW

If you are a Jewish graduate student or postdoc at a UC university, a member of the UAW 2865 union, and not a fan of your labor union calling for a permanent ceasefire in Israel without considering the complexities of the situation, or if you object to your union getting involved in geopolitical issues instead of advocating for your rights as a graduate student worker/ postdoc, this is a PSA: you can leave the union, and it’s actually pretty easy to do. Here are the steps:

1) Write or type out the statement: “I, (full name), hereby revoke my membership in UAW Local 2865.”

2) Sign and date it.

3) Mail your statement to the following address:

Financial Secretary

Attn: Samantha Corwith

UAW Local 2865

2730 Telegraph Ave., Fl. 1

Berkeley, CA 94705

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