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Jewish Tropes and how I would change them

A while back, I saw a couple of comments talking about how Jewish people are portrayed in the media as usually pervy, rich, dorky, etc. I think this is so disappointing because we are so much better than these stereotypes!

I would love to see Jewish characters that are more in depth and reflect aspects of jewish culture positively.

I want to see a kind-hearted, incredibly thorough thinking and sensitive summer camp counselor.

I want to see a bartender who is really into skating, pool, and has a gift for bringing different types of people together.

I want to see the incredibly loving, lively, bubbe who nearly cries whenever she sees someone she loves, and who hates cooking but it does it anyway because she loves her family so much.

I want the “nerdy” trope to look more like curiosity and critical thinking, something that is ingrained in our culture.

I want kindness, understanding, and deep thinking to be represented in Jewish characters because these are traits I associate most with jewish people.

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