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Jewish school opportunities on the west coast?

So I’m looking for essentially a community college that specializes or has a jewish studies program in my area but finding it pretty difficult. American Jewish University has an age limit of 26 apparently, (i’m 28), and don’t see many others in the area. I graduated high school but had severe medical issues at the time so my grades were quite poor despite me being overwhelmingly an A student all the way till 11th-12th grade where the health issues manifested. I attended a first year of college at a local community college in the mid-west but had to drop out as well due to the afore-mentioned medical problems. It’s been 10 years and I curse myself for never bettering my life this whole time, I used to swear to my mother that I would become a Rabbi when I was a teen. With her passing I can’t allow that to go un-fulfilled. Entry into a Yeshiva would be a bit difficult as well due to my general lack of advanced hebrew skill etc.. basically I want to find somewhere to train myself (i’m an extraordinarily fast learner, just need the opportunity to learn in the first place.) up to the point that I can attend a Rabbinical school to study Talmud.

So TL;DR = Any recommendations for places to learn basic level jewish studies for a high school graduate with not-so great grade history? Or if not, any recommendations on online lessons etc.. that could assist me until I can build the proper skills to be accepted at a more prestigious place?

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