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Jewish Resources for Future Conversion

I’m looking for Jewish resources (English or Hebrew) or even people to talk about Jewish things. My department has split up into teams which is very fortunate, so I currently have some extra time.


I have not officially discussed conversion with any rabbi, however, my options are limited to Reform or Conservative unless I move to a different state. So far, my only interaction has been with friends who are Jewish, and taking Hebrew at a Reform temple. I was going to attend a Shabbat service however, due to COVID-19, everything has since gone online. I do try to participate through the online service, but am not always able to watch.

I’ve been reading a lot of posts from this sub specifically, and in general for about two years. I’m relatively young, 25, and obviously don’t see conversion being possible for awhile at this point in time since services/programs are limited. Any thoughts about how to go about this topic are welcome, of course. I do realize my timing is bad, haha.


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