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Jewish portrayal in media. Settle a debate please.

Yesterday a coworker asked me how I felt that all jewish men were represented as awkward or gay in tv and movies. The awkward part I’ve seen before and honestly doesn’t bother me because I can see comedy behind the whole njb stereotype.

But the second thought I could not wrap my head around. Not once have I seen a jewish character represented as gay in a tv show, not that it’d be a problem. But we had an argument where I stated that I cannot think of any one character and she stated that she could think up a whole list ( which she never did).

So now I’m curious. Are there any gay jewish characters you can think of from a tv show or movie? Was my coworker right that this is a common tv trope?

EDIT: Well would you look at that. Thanks everyone. I’ve got some tv shows to watch!

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