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Jewish person, Jewish Questions #4

Hey I’m still learning a lot about Judaism and I have a lot of questions. I may have been born to a Jewish family but that doesn’t mean I already have all the answers. During my journey thus far, I’ve really discovered how much controversy and misinterpretation there is about Jewish customs and ideals. So I thought I’d start a series where I post to this community and see where it goes.

I’m super excited about Shavuot, especially all that dairy food we don’t often get to enjoy becaus meals are generally meat and fish oriented. I’m also a little keen to get a night of studying in, maybe do a go over of the philosophy book I’ve been going through. Obviously those who’ve been reading previous posts know a bit of my journey back to Judaism and more specifically rebuilding my emotional connection with god and the subsequent teachings over the millennia.

Just as a side I’d love it if anyone could recommend some pre-shavuos articles they’ve seen that might ramp up my intrigue into a night of learning. I’ve had my late nights but something to print out or read beforehand could help a lot when it comes to staying awake for as long as I can. Not to overdo it of course, everyone has their limits.

Just a quick question though, I know of the story that is told of the mountains arguing over who should be the one to receive the Torah. I was wondering if anyone had a deeper understanding big what the story is going for. I get the basics, humility, don’t be haughty, etc, but I wonder if theirs more behind the story, like are the mountains representing something specific, or are their trsits coralated to something else. Just any insight into this story, maybe where it originatednor any other fun facts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your response, Snowy.

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