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Jewish Person, Jewish Questions #2

Hey I’m still learning a lot about Judaism and I have a lot of questions. I may have been born Jewish but that doesn’t mean I already have all the answers. During my journey thus far, I’ve really discovered how much controversy and misinterpretation there is about Jewish customs and ideals. So I thought I’d start a series where I post to this community and see where it goes.

I’ve seen a recent post in this community discussing the Christian movement that the Messiah is coming. I mean sure we all make fun of it a little bit and it’s honestly a little funny, but I do have a couple questions about the Jewish perspective. I do have a little knowledge of what Messiah is in our book, both literally and figuratively, I just need a little refresher.

I know some time ago there was a large movement that believed the Messiah was coming, it changed a lot of people’s lives and was ultimately disproven I don’t remember the exact details. If someone could educate me a little more on that I would be grateful.

But more importantly my question is how does Judaism believe we should approach belief of messiah’s coming. I don’t necessarily mean how do we prove he’s coming although that would be interesting to learn about too. I’m more interested in how we should act in our day-to-day lives with regards to him one day coming. Should be fear his approach and make ourselves better, should we prepare ourselves every day as though he may come, should we be happy everyday with the knowledge that he might come. Just a general trying to understand how me as a Jewish individual should approach thinking about the Messiah on a day-to-day basis or should I just not be thinking about him because of whatever reason.

Thanks for your responses, Snowy.

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