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Jewish people Thank you for helping me! :)

When I was growing up jewish people was helpful to me. I dated a Lovely jewish girl in high school, we are still good friends today ( we have broken up long time ago though. )

when a family member died, my jewish friends were there to help and comfort me.

When I got curious about Judaism, I had jewish people help inform me about Judaism, jewish culture, jewish beliefs, jewish customs, jewish holidays, and jewish food.

( I read about cultures, spirituality, and languages in general as a hobby in my free time. )

Jewish people have helped me in my happy times, jewish people have helped me when I was in my hard times.

Whenever someone does or says or both something awful towards jewish people or a jewish person.

I believe in God. I pray. I do not belong to any religion. I am not an atheist. I am not an agnostic.

I give my supportive opinion to jewish people or that jewish person.

I am supportive of Judaism and the jewish people.

I will help and support in any shape and form I can! 🙂

I care about jewish people and my jewish friends. <3

Jewish people have helped me and improved my life.

Thank you so much! I appreciate y’all!


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