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Jewish Mother & Non-Jewish father – What’s my name!? (M)

So, I grew up Reform (UK) and my Hebrew name was Pesach Shimon Ben Moshe, as that is my father’s name. However, it wasn’t until relatively recently that it came to light, and as a result of moving from Reform to United (Orthodox) that because my Dad was not born Jewish and has not converted, he is not considered by them to be Jewish.

He has had a barmitzvah (Reform), lived in Israel for many years in the past, can read Hebrew excellently, and had a Jewish wedding (again Reform), but unfortunately United does not recognise him.

Since moving to United, which I do now much prefer to Reform as an aside, my name has now changed, which in itself has caused internal and family strife.

I am now getting married within United, therefore understand my name on the Ketubah to be Pesach Shimon ben Shoshana (my mother’s name), and in shul when I am called up as Pesach Shimon ben Avraham. Is this correct?

As an aside, I still consider my dad to be Jewish, as he was adopted into a Jewish family with all the bells and whistles, so this has been hard to accept. I know there is some feelings remaining over my decision to move to United, and the fallout such as my new name, but I like to think they’d be happy I am keeping on the faith, no matter the guise.

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