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Jewish Metaphor for Death as a Dagger

Has anyone heard of a Jewish metaphor for death as a dagger? When a loved one died, a mentor of mine told me this analogy from a Jewish book of some sort that he was told by a relative when a loved one of his own died. He doesn’t know the book anymore, so I’m hoping someone here knows where the analogy/metaphor comes from and can refer me to the original text.

Here’s how I was told it:

“Death has a presence that lives in you and is visualized as a dagger. When someone you love dies, the dagger pierces you through the chest. Slowly, as time passes, the dagger moves up and pierces your head. It hurts a little less there. Finally, it moves up beyond you and into Gan Eden, where it doesn’t stab you anymore.”

I’m paraphrasing a lot, and if it’s any help, I vaguely remember that the dagger residing in your back might be part of the analogy too but that could just be a wonky memory. Also, I don’t remember if Gan Eden was the exact term used for the afterlife here, so if the source you find uses another term, it’s likely the source this comes from. If anyone has the original source for this analogy I’d really appreciate it!

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