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Jewish Lofi- A breath of fresh air when I feel like I’m suffocating in all the noise

Someone made this Jewish Lofi mix a few years ago. I listened to it today randomly and I just realized how tired I am. It was nice to hear “Baruch Hashem” with a soothing background beat. Very Jewish. It broke through the facade I put on at work everyday pretending like this shit going on doesn’t affect me because people wont understand or worse I might accidentally find out someone close to me is a bigot. I’d rather them not know about me and I’d rather not know about them. This music broke my guard and for the first time in a while I got emotional realizing how much pain and loneliness I have felt since 7OCT. I think it’s healthy. wish whoever this person is would make more .

YOAVI – Jewish Lofi vol.1 (

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