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Jewish kids celebrating Christmas?

Hello all,

First, I’m a non Jewish woman who is an atheist. I wanted to hear from you guys on how do you approach the Christmas holiday and kids.

The reason I’m asking is because in most of the world (Europe, Latin America, many parts of Asia, and Africa) Christmas is celebrated. It’s impossible to ignore it. How do you talk to your children about Christmas? And do you partake in any of the activities?

I know Christmas is a Christian holiday but it has been modified by many local customs and pagan influences. It’s also been made a commercial, secular event. My own family (nominally Catholic but not practicing) celebrates Christmas by drinking, eating dinner, opening gifts at midnight, having a Christmas tree. And then on the 25th, we sleep late and eat leftovers and watch movies.

There’s no mention of god, Jesus, or going to Mass. The children in our family only think about Santa and gifts and winter break.

So do many Jewish families allow or teach their children about Santa? Gifts? Decorate the Christmas tree? Since these are non religious activities. Or is Christmas strictly off limits? Would you think less of a Jewish person who does celebrate Christmas as a cultural holiday?

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