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Jewish Identity

Hello, I have had a bit of a jewish identity crisis. I am religiously agnostic, and believe there truly is a creator of good and a balance of good and evil out there. And i’m a somewhat existential person. I recently found out through family members that my fathers mother is Jewish, and her and her family come from Czechia and Germany. (Most of her family didn’t know english, but she didn’t know any Czech or German, so she was very left out on family members talking about their past.) My great grandma moved to the US around 1930, she was very young, and she moved with her mother from Czechia. Once they got into America and we’re settled the Holocaust was happening (+my great grandma married a German man) and they changed their religious beliefs out of insecurity and being worried for their safety. Since my grandma was born and raised in America, she only knew english and a bit of her mothers language. She was very left out in the conversation, and she just recently found out she was Jewish. I was raised somewhat catholic but mostly atheist. I’ve been questioning my own religion for a while, and was considering Judaism for a while. I believe and agree with a lot of the Jewish belief, but I do hear it’s a very secured religion sometimes depending on who you ask.

And what i’m wondering is, am i Jewish? Most of my friends that are jewish tell me I am, but my family wants to disagree with the idea . I’m sorry if i got anything incorrect in these paragraphs. Thanks!

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