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Jewish humour as a gentile

i’m not Jewish, but i find (and i’ve also been told this by others) that my sense of humour seems to be similar to Jewish humour, in that it is often self-deprecatory, witty, ironic, satirical, etc. i’ve also noticed that my inflection/intonation while speaking is often reminiscent of Yinglish. my question is, is it inappropriate for someone who isn’t Jewish to have a Jewish sense of humour? it’s not something i’ve consciously done or “worked towards”, but it just kinda…. is. like, just part of who i am as a person. i do have an okay understanding of yiddish (i like languages and i’ve started to learn yiddish to read lit) and i sometimes pepper in yiddish words while speaking. idk maybe i’m worrying over nothing, but i don’t want to overstep.

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