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Jewish Holidays and Non-Jews

Forgive me if this post is at all inappropriate or offensive. I’m a Greek Orthodox Christian, and I live in the US, which in terms of Christianity is heavily Protestant/Evangelical. Some in that group will celebrate Jewish holidays, especially Passover. There are some who mistakenly believe that even as Christians they should follow Mosaic Law. I won’t go into why I say mistakenly because I’m not here to proselytize in any way.

I know that Judaism isn’t a monolithic religion (and neither is Christianity), but I’d like to ask, what do Jews generally think about non-Jews observing Jewish holidays (especially the High Holidays)? I don’t mean attending a Passover seder with a Jewish friend or family member, but holding their own seders, making a Sukkah, lighting the menorah, etc?

Thank you for your comments.

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