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Jewish (?) great-grandmother – interpreting the AncestryDNA results

Jewish (?) great-grandmother - interpreting the AncestryDNA results

Hi all. I have recently done my first AncestryDNA test to see if what I’ve been told is true.

But a bit of background first. My Georgian father’s side of the family all resided in Georgia (the country, not the state) and pretty much never mixed with other ethnic groups.

As for my mother, she and her family (except for her maternal grandmother) come from one of the Georgian/Armenian communities in the southern regions of Russia.

However, her grandmother came as an orphaned child from what is currently the Jewish autonomous region of Russia in the East. She later married a Georgian from the community (my great-grandfather).

As far as everyone still living knows, she never really spoke about her past but had a very Jewish name. There were other signs (like her giving her children and grandchildren Jewish names) but it has become a common belief that she was actually Jewish. For obvious reasons, this fact was seriously kept secret and revealed to me not too long ago.

My test shows 90% “Anatolia/Caucasus”, about 6-7% are “Eastern Europe/Russia” and the remaining 3-4% are “Levant”. However, the “Common communities of your closest matches” section for my mother shows many Jewish communities (primarily Ashkenazi in Eastern Europe and Russia). Besides, a lot of my 4th & 5th cousins from my mother’s side are 80%+ Ashkenazi from EE.

How do I even interpret that? Sorry for a long read, but I am a bit lost. Thank you very much for all possible help.

P.s. archive searches found nothing on the great-grandmother, I’m afraid. She still remains a mystery to us all.

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