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Jewish gals, I’m in need of your advice!

Jewish gals, I’m in need of your advice!

I’m engaged and considering covering(ish) my hair after marriage. I sometimes wear a kippah, but I don’t feel super connected to that. It’s common in my congregation for women and I do it because it’s better to me than nothing, but I still feel it’s too masculine for me personally. I see other feminine head coverings from Jewish women and I feel like that’s more of what I’m looking for.

I consider myself “flexidox.” My partner is less religious than me so we compromised on a shul, which I’m fine with. So, I understand I may be an outlier. I know covering the crown is what’s important, but I don’t necessarily know all of the rules of what’s acceptable and what’s not. I wanted to share some inspiration of photos I’ve seen. I don’t necessarily want to fully cover my hair all the time, but cover the crown like a kippah does. I’m just looking for a more feminine version of this.

I also wanted to add that everything going on right now also makes me feel more passionate about being openly Jewish (despite the risk).

Can anyone let me know if any of these are acceptable? Especially in a setting that is not super orthodox. I’m open to suggestions. Please be kind.

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