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Jewish friend makes Jew jokes, not sure how I feel.

Hi everybody. So my friend who is Jewish makes a lot of Jew jokes but I don’t really feel like he has a right to do so.

A bit about us both.

He’s very white but it’s culturally Jewish. His parents converted to Judaism when he was a child. He practices, doesn’t believe in God but still practices.

I am ethnically Jewish. A lot of my family members have lived in Israel and are very Jewish, but I haven’t really connected with that side of me yet.

So my friend makes lots of Jew jokes. Stuff about big noses, money and Holocaust. But when people make a lot of those jokes, at least about the big nose thing, that’s more about the ethnicity and not the culture or religion. I feel like he doesn’t have the right to make those jokes. He tells me he’s more Jewish then I am anyways.

What do you think? What do i do? Thanks!

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