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Jewish customs for pregnancy and birth, or any advice for raising a Jewish baby?

I’ll find out on Monday morning if I’m expecting. I’m terrified, and rather depressed about it because I’m young and this was very much not intended. However, I’ve been finding a little bit of comfort in the idea that having a baby will bring me closer to G-d and to the generations of Jewish mothers before me.

Just a week before all this began, my best friend and I made a vow to one another to become more observant together. I actually made a post about it, asking for shabbat advice. It’s strange timing to me that just when I decided to commit to the practices of being a Jewish woman, I might’ve become pregnant. Perhaps a blessing, a gift, a reward from G-d. Interesting to think about.

I was raised mostly secular, and my partner is not Jewish, so I’m truly clueless about having a Jewish pregnancy and raising my baby as an observant Jew!! Any advice, traditions, practices, really anything you can tell me is appreciated!

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