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Jewish Community and Identity

I recently started working with a Rabbi on my conversion journey. One of the things he wanted me to work on was a list of things I’m doing or could be doing to become part of the Jewish community and to grow my own Jewish identity.

I’ve written down things like light Shabbat Candles with the blessings, study Hebrew, learn about the holidays and holy days, and attend Shabbat services either virtually or in person when possible. Iowa has a smaller Jewish community especially in my area, and COVID is still a concern here so in person options are limited.

Maybe I’m just overthinking the task but I’m having a hard time coming up with things because the ones I come up with just seem so obvious that I can’t help but think that those aren’t the right things. What are some things you would recommend? Either the obvious ones or things that someone with a limited background/knowledge wouldn’t think of.

I thought about tracking down kids books or activities to help me along as well because who doesn’t love an excuse to read and color after a long day?

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