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Jewish communities of Germany

Shalom everyone,

I am currently a student in Australia studying German with the Geothe Institut. My current level is around A2, and I am hoping that once I complete my A2 exam and once the Corona crisis is over that I can do a study abroad trip in Germany. However, being Jewish, it would be really important for me to be in a city with a sizeable Jewish community with things such as shules, restraunts and kosher grocceries/bakeries/butchers.

I was wondering about the different Jewish communities in Germany. From what I could research it seems that there are a bunch of small communities spread across the many cities of Germany, with the largest in Berlin. Although aside from Berlin I am not so sure in which other cities there are Jewish communities.

I am also myself Modern Orthodox so it would really be important for me to know whether these communities are Reform, MO, Chabbad, Ultra-Orthodox, etc. Obviously I would fit better in some of those communities.

In Europe, I know that there are extra security concerns so maybe people will be hesitent to descibe the Jewish communities. But just a general layout of the communities, what they have (stores, resturaunts, etc.) and if they’re small <10,000 or sizeable >10,000, would be really appreciated.

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