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Jewish Character 2.0!

So…sorry about the other post.

Anyways. I’m bad at words and I still am confused a few comments but to show that you that your comments weren’t in vain! Trumpet Noises Now unveiling: Pumpkin (Human, I promise) and the plot of Autumn Delights(that’s taped together with Bubblegum and duck tape)

Description: Pumpkin Fairmen, twin to Thorne Fairmen, is a young cook who excitedly signed up for a cooking competition where unique dishes from all walks of life will be made and judged in the big city where a cookbook of various recipes from the winners will be made and sent around the world to share delicacies that may have never been available to certain folk. With a notebook of recipes, old and new, this young man sets off on a journey to show off his cooking prowess and learn more techniques.

Name: Pumpkin Fairman, 26 DateOfBirth: October 8, 2285 Gender: __(Cis) Man (He/Him) __Orientation: __Gay Aromantic __Health: Insomniac, Deaf(Right Ear) Personality: Reassuring, Light-hearted, Pationate, Compassionate, Kind, Affable

=Appearance= Pumpkin Fairman is a Jewish man who stands at 5’8(173 cm) with Ochre Brown skin and near black, dark brown curly hair that reached to below his ear lobes. He has an angular face with a rounded jaw, his nose straight with an upturned at the tip, and full lips. His amber eyes, angular in shape, sat on top of high cheekbones with rounded eyebrows above. Pumpkin’s were wide, having toned arms and slender hands, a lean torso with a straight waist and broad hips.

Moles covered his body like stars, including one on the tip of his nose which had a golden septum piercing. A simple star of David was tattooed over Pumpkin’s heart with his mothers’ and grandmother’s names. Pumpkin generally wore rather simple clothing on a day to day basis along with simple makeup and a necklace that had his grandfather’s picture inside.

I suppose this is an apology and maybe an ask for a second chance?

Thoughts? Opinions? A sharp stick?

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