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Jewish bakhoor (incense use)

I have been getting into incense lately as a side hobby, and I remember reading about personal incense use when having meals with guests in Mishna Berakhot. I never understood the context for years until now.

A lot of Middle-eastern people, like Arabs, do bakhoor today, burning agarwood chips or oud in personal burners in the house, scenting their clothes, hair, and the air in general.

While this practice was described in Mishnah, when did we stop doing bakhoor? Was this a regional thing (I.e. a Levantine practice with Jews in that area only), or a thing all Jews did back then at home?

EDIT: I have no doubt there are individuals and Mizrahi Jews who do bakhoor… but I am inquiring about Jewry as a worldwide community, and our historical use of it.

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