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Jewish ambiguity: Wise or not?

So like other non-frum Jews, I don’t actively dress Jewish or advertise it to other people. I do wear a kippah at shul, and I do use the standard yiddishisms with the people I know, but day to day I’m “just a guy.” I know that doesn’t sound right, but you know what I mean.

It’s been this way forever, well before October 7th. Yiddishkeit is not something I ever meant to hide from people; when people ask what I am I tell them. I don’t wear a black hat or a bekishe at all, but it’s not because I’m afraid. It’s because I wasn’t raised frum, I never went to yeshiva, and therefore I was never socialized into it. I grew up Chabad-lite or Chabad-adjacent, but I was never an actual Lubavitcher chosid. It’s just not me.

Yet nowadays I am remembering the chasidim who were physically attacked in CH for years, being screamed at, hit with bricks, punched out on the streets. And I am reminded that I’m spared all of that because day to day, to the stranger, I’m just… white.

Obviously things are more grave for visible Jews outside of New York, particularly in parts of Europe right now.

Even though it wasn’t my intention to be ambiguous about Judaism as a safety measure… it kinda fucking is. I’ve never actually experienced antisemitism offline because I only look like a Jew in actual Jewish environments.

Should I stop being ambiguous? I’ll never be frum, but I feel like I should show some kind of solidarity given everything that’s going on. I also recognize that wearing a kippah is a serious thing; I shouldn’t be wearing it at some dive in Bushwick or whatever.

Idk. Just a stream of consciousness right now.

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