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‘Jew them down’ expression

My father in law said to me “I’ve already tried to Jew them down”. I am Jewish and while I am not super familiar with this expression, I immediately felt insulted and offended after hearing this. I wasn’t sure if I was being overly sensitive so I asked my mother and she assured me that it was very anti Semitic and that i should definitely say something. I confronted him later explaining how I felt and that I didn’t appreciate hearing those words and he basically dismissed my feelings entirely and instead said that the expression was actually a compliment and that I should be proud of my Jewish background (as if i wasn’t). He fervently disagreed that the expression wasn’t offensive or anti Semitic and was the opposite if anything. He made me feel as though I was crazy for feeling the way I did and that the whole world thinks as he does with these particular words and repeatedly kept saying to just ‘get over it’. He also said he didn’t care how people felt about it and that Jewish people who feel this way are ‘playing victim’.

I felt stepped on and a fool in my attempt to tell him how I felt since it didn’t accomplish anything in the end. How do others think about this expression and am I wrong to feel this way and how to handle him/ what to do going forward. Thanks


I don’t want any rude derogatory replies to this post. If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything. Thanks

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