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Jew or non-Jew: Complicated family edition

New Year’s Weekend Jew/Non-Jew puzzler of sorts. Some of these situations were not covered by the Jew/Non-Jew flowchart. Who of these folks is Jewish, and who not? It seems that Orthodoxy may consider none Jewish (maybe David) and Reform all but one. Opinions?

David – Biological father Jewish. Adopted by Conservative Jewish parents in 1965 two weeks after birth. As David was circumcised in the hospital at birth, a ritual bris was done at the time of adoption, with a drop of blood drawn by a moile. Adoptive parents (now deceased) referred to this ceremony also as a “conversion.” Had Conservative Bar Mitzvah. Eric is his son by previous marriage to non-Jew.

Margaret – Married to David about 10 years ago. No Jewish parents. Converted in Reform movement, went to Mikveh in 2016. Has two adult children (Lisa and Evan) from marriage to a non-Jew who likely had a Jewish grandfather. Adopted Meghan with David before her conversion.

Lisa – Margaret’s adult daughter. Lisa’s biological father is believed to have had a Jewish grandfather. Raised non-denominational. Converted to Judaism as an adult in the Reform movement. Went to Mikveh in 2016.

Evan – Margaret’s adult son. Eric’s biological father is believed to have a Jewish grandfather. Eric’s mother converted as above, after he was an adult.

Eric – Son of David and a non-Jewish mother (not Margaret). Raised Jewish, had Reform Bar Mitzvah.

Meghan – Currently 10 years old. Born to two non-Jewish parents and adopted by Margaret and David, at a year of age, but before Margaret’s conversion. Raised Jewish.

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