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Jew hate from stepdaughters ex wife

From the first moment I met this woman she do stepped at me and told me her whole family was full of white supremacists couple years later she told me I should name my cats Ava and Adolf like literally this was the first night I met her she goes stepped at me my then boyfriend did nothing to stand up for me fast forward to last weekend the kid comes and says that her step sister goes around screaming the word Hitler and the whole family laughs hysterically and this goes on all the time. I messaged the ex-wife I told her I knew that I told her she was disgusting and I’ve always been told by my fiance just be quiet just let it go it’s not worth it you know what this Jew is done letting it the f*** go that woman is not to step foot in my house nor is her husband and when his kid is over here I make her watch documentaries about the Holocaust because f*** her mother. I meant fiance’s ex wife regarding stepdaughter

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