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I’ve tried praying, but I feel like I’m bothering God.

To start with I’m not Jewish I’m searching for a faith, but I admire how your religion seems to focus on “be a good person”, as opposes to focusing on silly rituals and hating outsiders like some other faiths.

About two years ago, I hit a really, really rough patch in my life and tried to start praying. Just generic, silent prayers before I fell asleep at night.

At first, I prayed for guidance in life, then I decided to use my nightly prayer time to count my blessings in life and ask G_d to bless others. After a few months this started to feel wrong.

Why did G_d need to hear my “Oscars speech” every night? G_d knew how amazing his creations were, what was the point of my confirming it? G_d has better things to do. G_d doesn’t need to grant me strength or inner peace. I need to do be strong myself and let G_d concern himself with more important matters.

Asking God to bless others started to feel really wrong, almost sacrilegious. God doesn’t “crowdfund” prayers and blessings. God doesn’t need me pointing out who I think the good people in the world.

I’ve tried praying again, but at the start all I can think is “Quit bothering G_d”.

I know prayer offers comfort and purpose to billions of people around the world, but I just can’t do it without feeling guilty at the end.

I need some perspective here. Should I quit trying this?

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