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I’ve made the decision of converting to Judaism, any tips and recommendations?

Hello all, former Christian here and making the decision to convert to Judaism. Now, I will start off by saying I am aware that one does not need to convert to Judaism, they just need to strive to be a good person and follow the simple laws of Noah. Also known essentially as noahide laws(I probably butchered that entirely but oh well my apologies.) I’ve been listening to the Jewish point of view. In regards to the Jesus as the messiah thing and I have to say that I’m pretty shocked. Because it makes perfect sense why you all don’t accept him as the messiah and the scriptures even blatantly prove it hence Gd literally says “I am not, nor will I ever be a man.” There are a few more things I’ve dug into as well that really went into me losing faith in that religion but that’s besides the point.

I want to convert. I am willing to convert. I just have a few problems in regards to what sect of Judaism to convert to(Orthodox, Reform, or conservative.) and I’m struggling on literally how I can go about doing it. I’m currently 20 years old in college and still living with my parent(who is heavily and devoted Christian and seems to be hell bent on keeping me that way.) but I am moving out soon as I am following my dream of joining the United States Coast Guard and getting my own home so that in line I’m trying to find a good synagogue with someone who will answer my questions and stuff which is why while I’m doing that I’ve decided to ask some of you.

-Are their any books or sources that you’d recommend to help me learn the language of Hebrew?, I feel that since I am deciding to convert I want to learn the language. This is non negotiable. So I’d appreciate any recommendations.

-Are their any great sources(books, media, YouTube videos or heck even talking to any of you ect ect) that I can use in order to expand my knowledge about the Jewish faith and the Jewish people?

-What are some of the main differences between the three Jewish sects or essentially movements(because if I’m correct…aren’t all Jewish today descendant from the Pharisees since the Essenes who were really interesting and the sadducees(probably butchered that too.). What I mean are what are the big key differences between Orthodoxy, Reform, and conservative Judaism.

Thanks in advance to those who answer this.

Peace out and God bless ya

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