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I’ve got a mother who is an antisemite (dad is Jewish) do you have any advice

This sounds insane but my mother is racist, sees Jews like a race, and despite claiming that she “loves Jewish people” she says things that make her sound like a Nazi. The thing I find most offensive is she will mock anyone with what she deems “Jewish features”. Recently they showed Putin’s daughter on the news and she said something like “Ew she’s ugly, look at her nose, she looks Jewish”. This is not the first time she has said things like this.

She is hung up on how her children look and frequently makes comments about our appearance. She even tells the same story about how “shocked” she was when we were born because we didn’t look like her babies. She was also disappointed we weren’t blonde or blue eyes. Why marry an ethnically ambiguous looking man and then expect Aryan babies and then mock your kids for not looking like you??

Another thing she has done since I was a little kid is complain about my “kinky Jewish hair” and act disgusted by it. She used to aggressively brush the hell out of it and I would be afraid of the brush. She would also threaten to chop it off. To this day I still get complaints about my hair. So much other weird stuff like calling me “Anne Frank” for no reason as a kid. I think she is insane and she’s probably the main reason I grew up with self esteem problems. She also has called my dad things like “Jewish rat”, insults his family, makes holocaust “jokes”, etc. Am I wrong to not have any respect for her? Everyone says you are supposed to “love your parents/love your mother” but are you supposed to love one who acts like this?

My dad at least admits that her behavior is crazy, but refuses to leave and seems brainwashed or low self esteem. Although several times he has told me how depressed he is being married to her and his life is meaningless. Ironically my mother also says the same thing. I’m tired of being stuck in the middle of their dysfunctional relationship. They can’t afford to actually seperate or get their own seperate homes or apartments, they have one house together and really are kind of stuck living together.

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