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I’ve finally decided I will only marry a Jewish girl

This has been something that I’ve been thinking about for years. For context, I grew up going to Hebrew school all the way through but I’m not super observant currently.

I really wrestled with it because sometimes I think “wouldn’t it be cool to keep a two thousand year old bloodline alive” and in my mind this sounded too much like some racial purity thing, almost like the Nazis, I was a bit angry at myself for having these thoughts.

However, I’ve realized my motivations run much deeper than that. After having been in Israel for the recent big attack this fall I feel so deeply connected to the country and I want to bring my family there every year. It just doesn’t seem fair to ask a non-Jewish woman to do something that would probably only be important to me. Also, all this stuff recently has put me at odds with my friends who I usually agree with as a progressive person. No one understands – if that was your family, you’d do what it takes to keep them safe. Except my Jewish friends. Recently we were talking about it at a gathering and had to keep a backup conversation in case someone came up to us.

Finally, I realized, I probably wouldn’t have broken up with my ex girlfriend if she was Jewish – there were other issues but although I didn’t admit it to myself at the time, subconsciously that was probably a main reason I didn’t see a long term future with her. I don’t want to put another woman through this so for serious relationships I will probably stick to Jewish girls from now on.

I mean, if there was some one I really really really loved who I was sure was the love of my life and wasn’t Jewish I’d still consider it I guess. But for now I have made my decision and am pretty relieved I’ve made it.

Oh, and she’d love my kids regardless, but I think we all know what my Jewish mother wants 🤣

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