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I’ve been struggling with the concept of G-d

The problem I’m constantly wrestling with is… if G-d is all-powerful and all-knowing, G-d could have chosen any given eventuality, chose this one, and that means everything is pre-set by that choice, and as a result, free will is an illusion. That situation would make the problem of evil extremely relevant; it means G-d essentially chose to execute this program out of any one that could have been chosen, with everything that happens, the good, and the evil.

If G-d is us and we are G-d experiencing itself, then why do some of these atrocities happen? I would never choose to do some of the vile things that happen, so how am I a part of something that chooses to harm people in the most vile ways possible? How can “I” choose to victimize myself and do some of the horrible things that have been done to me by “others.”

If G-d is the painter who paints reality and then hangs it on the wall along with all the other paintings, then either G-d is aware of what happens and chooses to stay out of everything, and that would make G-d evil, or G-d creates and doesn’t know what happens afterward. If G-d is the painter that makes everything in our reality and isn’t aware of anything, then G-d doesn’t deserve our attention, and our attention is better spent trying to make a difference in the world because if we don’t, then no one will.

How do I get out of this line of reasoning? I’ve reached out to multiple people close to me and they didn’t have input that helped me, I haven’t been able to get out of this line of reasoning.

Please provide me with some input to help me with these intellectual problems.

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