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I’ve become a hater and it’s quite disheartening :(

I’ve become so inundated lately dealing with anti semites in my personal life and online that I’ve come to hate gentiles :(. I don’t openly portray this side of myself because I don’t want people to perceive this negatively towards Judaism or Jews and to hold enmity, but it seems like no matter what we do as a people, what logic or arguments we use, what fraternity we attempt, or any type of connection, and it’s shot down and our culture, peoplehood, and G-d is just shitted on. I don’t have a reason why people do this, but I’m going to be real, I’ve decided to move to Israel after I finish my degree. Fuck this world for what’s it’s done to us and for the irrationality of these schmucks. Whatever happens I’m a proud Jew, take my life, I don’t care anymore, but you will never take my freedom of thought, or my love of my people!

Chanukkah is the holiday of resistance, the holiday we celebrate of our peoplehood and not just of our G-d’s relationship to that peoplehood. Sorry for my drunk schmuck rant, but pour one out for Judah Maccabee and the everyday people who fought for our people. It’s perhaps not our holiest holiday, but it’s my favorite, it’s the story of the human will to triumph over persecution and subjugation. We are men not slaves! WE ARE PROUD JEWS!

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