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It’s worth pushing back against misinformation

I just want to share a thread on r/worldnews where I recently engaged in a minor dispute about Israel. The story was that the US only invaded Iraq due to the threat posed to Israel (i.e. Israel was responsible for the war) and that Israel intentionally withheld intelligence from the US proving Iraq had no nuclear program or WMDs.

The user was especially convinced about about the intelligence aspect, which they provided a Guardian article, written by AP, as proof. The AP article was based on the word of one MP and failed to mention a name or that he provided no evidence. It also failed to mention the Israeli parliament had formed a subcommittee to investigate the matter.

After providing a different NYT article detailing the response and showing that the claim has no merit, they admitted their mistake and said they had taken this to be well-known and undisputed information. I do know not everyone is open to listening or admitting when they are proven wrong, but I also think a lot of people have just been misinformed.

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