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It’s sickening

I’m not a religious Jew. I keep the Jewish culture prevalent, celebrate the “major holidays” and hopefully (God Bearing) will marry a Jew and start a Jewish family. What is scary to me is that in this age of rightfully looking at racism and trying to stomp it out, anti semitism is on the rise and has seemed to have been endorsed by major celebrities especially in the sports world as of recent events.

When there is violence against Jews, it gives me solace to see that the majority of the people are against the murder of Jews and can see that it’s bad. Yes, you’ll have the rare person being a jackass and saying “The Jews deserve to die” of something like that, but the majority of the people online at least, are against our murder.

What scares me now is that so many high profile people seem to endorse the message that Jews are evil and that “white Jews” are taking over the world. As someone who would be considered white, it’s frightening to me because I know history and know what comes with this thought process. People seem to be saying that what the quote shared by DeSean Jackson was ok, and even correct. I get if you want to discuss the black Hebrewites and their concerns, but at the end of the day Jackson was agreeing with Hitler, even if it was a fake quote. People are agreeing with Hitler about Jews and it’s scary.

Studying the Holocaust, it’s clear Hitler hated the Jewish people, not just the religion but our culture and values. I know that I have the privilege of being able to “hide” my religion, but I’m still scared at what’s coming. How should I address my fears?

TL-DR: I’m scared with so many people endorsing DeSean Jackson’s fake Hitler quote, that it’s only going to get worse for me as a “white Jew” who isn’t that religious.

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