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It’s NOT Jewish People’s Job To Explain The Concept of “Ethno-Religions”

I am extremely tired with the amount of post on this and other Jewish subs regarding the concept of Judaism, as well as a culture and a religion.

How many posts asking what Jews are is it gonna take for us to realize that it is not our job as Jews to answer the most basic, google search questions for non-Jews, who simply want to pick and prod at our identity and agitate us into a state of unreason?

Whenever people ask what Jews are, when they receive an answer they don’t like, they then proceeds to argue with the Jew, who answered the question. This proves that their post in the question, in and of itself was simply Jew hatred, hidden under the guise of a question.

I am simply a singular Jew, not by any means the most important, or even close to the most important. But what I am is frustrated.

Our time is much more productive if we spend it building solidarity between various Jewish cultures educating ourselves on our history and identity and NOT engaging non-Jews in discussions about Jewish faith, identity and culture.

They hate us regardless of what their interpretation of us is. They are irrelevant outside of the conversation of Jew hatred as far as I’m concerned because the solution to Jew hatred isn’t more educated non-Jews it’s more educated and strong Jews.

This post itself isn’t gonna cure the issue of ignorant non-Jews, or even ignorant Jews, asking basic, ridiculous questions in regards to our culture and identity.

But my hope with this post is to get everyone on the same page when it comes to the fact that Jewish communities are meant for Jews to come together and be together.

it’s not a place for non-Jews in ignorance used to come and ask questions that they simply refused. Ask Google search engines exist. Artificial intelligence is very good at answering basic questions. We should relegate these questions to somewhere outside of the community so our community is it oversaturated with non-important questions.

I Have Spoken.

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